Kamis, 08 April 2010

What information can be obtained from analysis of fingerprint calculation is a sub title on the results of fingerprint analysis and hands on Attayaya conducted by a psychologist in Pekanbaru (baaaah very expensive), as well as connect the previous posting about Biometrical Finger Print and Dermatoglyphics of Diagnostic Tools.


Fingerprint structure consists of lines that can be classified into several sections. The lines on the fingerprint form a pattern called the Fingerprint Pattern (Fingerprint Pattern). Fingerprint patterns are genetically formed since the embryo in the womb at 13 weeks of age.

Establishment of fingerprint pattern was influenced by the work of the nervous system (neurons) into the brain. In the fingerprint patterns of these permanent, employment recorded neuron system of the brain functions, and its relation to the dominance of Brain Hemisphere, Celebrial lobes, and the Triune Brain.

Identification, classification and calculation of epidermal lines are expected to give an interpretation of psychology of motivation, personality and talent that is genetic.

Neural Systems: A Life of Blue-Print
Central nervous system functions to: receive, process, interpret, and stores sensory information that comes and also functions to send messages to muscles, glands and internal organs. The nervous system is composed by neurons in charge of sending information to, from and intra-central nervous system.

Motivation: A Runway
Based on the Theory of Evolution of the Brain (Triune Brain), the evolution of the brain is divided into 3 parts to which every human being. However, every human have a tendency to dominance motivation that vary according to which part of the brain more responsive. Parts of the brain:

Brain Stem (brain stem)
In this section, the brain responds in a framework of thinking that are simple, gradual and higher instincts. The foundation of motivation based on a belief system / faith in him.

Limbic system (limbic system)
In this section, the brain responds in a framework of thinking that relies on feeling and emotion. The foundation of motivation based on relationship and high adaptability to the environment.

Neo cortex
In this section, the brain responds in a framework of thinking that relies on rational thinking and existence itself. The foundation of motivation based on achieving specific goals (goals oriented) and awards.

Personality Based on the dominance of the Right Brain - Left Brain
Research about the right brain hemisphere and the left brain is olehRoger W. Sperry who discovered the existence of the right hemisphere and the left brain that control each process and work simultaneously and complement each other.

Personality Profile
In the graph decomposition of the personality profile, divided in several elements of the identification of personality:

* Dominant, is a way of self existence.
* Interpersonal, a good relationship with others.
* Steadyness, is the view of the establishment, and comfort.
* Conscientious, is the view of the precision and accuracy in action.

Fingerprint analysis results and hands on human based on several aspects such as :

* Personal Drive
* Basic Needs
* Character Traits
* Learning Style
* Thinking Style
* Working Style
* Potentials and Talents
* Pressure and Instability Condition

Early Identification Process:

* Both hands scanned fingerprints using a fingerprint scanning device.
* Both the palm of my hand marked using a pen on a node (I think) hand prints. There are three dots forming a triangle in each hand.
* Measured distance of each side.
* Measured large degree side of each point.
* Go home. Kok Lhoooo home. Yes've completed the identification and measurement. Calculations performed by psychologist and wait for the outcome 2 weeks.
* Pay, you pay dululah before going home.

Summary results of analysis and advice on Self Control of genetically :

* Power absorption of type information:
quick response, which relies on common understanding.

* Resources response type of action:
acted relatively slowly, carefully and cautiously.

* Strength dominant motivation:
feelings, emotions / mood, and the influence of environmental adaptation.

* The dominance of the dominant brain works:
left brain, the dominant structural work objectively.

* Character personality type:
tend to type the full calculations at the level of perfection.

* In association, the responses tend to:
introverts, in handling the problem is less open to others.

* In thinking, the responses tend to:
Objectively, rely heavily on rationality.

* In receiving the information, tend to:
more trust than the fact of mere opinion.

* In the action, the response tended to:
more planned and structured to act flexibly rather than unplanned.

* The dominant thinking style-type:
original, more logical and structural.

* Learning style-type:
Kinesthetic-logical learner (learning with hands-on).

* Position of work related to the field:
Decision Making.

* The dominant style of work:
Self-Employee, tend to work based on the expertise yourself.

* Power of the dominant intelligence on:
intellectual intelligence (intelligence).

* Field potential talent:
rational logic.


In principle, everyone can become what it wants and takes place-citakannya. This analysis is not a verdict, but rather just a reference potential genetic aspects.