Kamis, 08 April 2010

Maternity process / delivery in childbirth until the baby is usually made uneasy panic for new parents who will undergo the process. Continue to consult with your doctor or midwife is the right step to find out the delivery process will be undertaken later.

Your doctor or midwife will explain in general the basis that normal infant birth process or any process of natural childbirth that consists of 4 stages of the process:

* The first stage, the process of childbirth with the initial phase, active and transition. In this phase occurred opening (dilate) the cervix to the brim.
* The second stage, the stage of birth until the baby out safely.
* The third stage, spending the placenta.
* The fourth stage, post-birth, namely the observation of the mother for an hour after the placenta came out.

Some of the events that will be experienced by pregnant women during labor is normal:

* Contractions
* The cervix is more wide open
* Encourage the baby according to the instructions your doctor / midwife
* Expenditure placenta

Tips ease childbirth:
Many elderly people give various suggestions such as,

* Drink VCO virgin coconut oil
* Swallowing raw chicken egg
* Drink the potion "grass fatimah"
* Drink the Black Seed

Somewhat different if the process of giving birth by cesarean section (caesarean / cesarean), sometimes also called a c-section (cs). A Cesarean childbirth (giving birth) with a surgically made incision in the abdomen with the mother (surgery) and uterus (histerotomi) to remove the baby. Cesarean sections are generally performed when the normal vaginal childbirth is not possible because the risk to other medical complications. A birth with surgical procedures are generally performed by a specialist team of doctors consisting of the womb, a child specialist, a specialist in anesthesia and midwives.

There is also a process of giving birth to a little "forced" by the term "vacuum" and "forceps". Delivery by using vacuum or a vacuum (negative-pressure vacuum extractor). This tool is a kind of "tools / additional energy" for mothers who give birth, when the force pushing the mother have started to weaken. Using forceps delivery is the delivery process by using tools from a spoon-shaped metal. This is very rarely done because it is more risky.

The new method is to give birth in a way "childbirth hypnosis / hypnosis" and the "birth in the water." Childbirth with hypnosis does not change the basic method of delivery, only delivery was aided by the way / relaxation techniques so that the mother did not feel pain. Almost similar to the delivery of water that will make the mother is more relaxed and the baby out without experiencing the traumatic transition and face gently, as gently as water.


This post is considering temen-temen in the office will undergo this process soon.
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