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Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia

Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia merupakan mobil yang di cari-cari oleh setiap orang khususnya bagi setiap keluarga Indonesia yang membutuhkan mobil untuk mobilitas tinggi dan sedang maupun rendah. Tentunya ini akan menjadi mobil idaman. Yang namanya mobil keluarga yang ideal tentunya memiliki beberapa ciri khas tertentu sesuai kebutuhan keluarga, misalnya : tempat duduk hendaknya 3 baris, adanya kemudahan memasang kursi bayi/anak-anak, fitur-fitur keamanan, dan hal lainnya.

Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik IndonesiaDalam memilih mobil keluarga ideal yang terbaik terdapat banyak pilihan. Sedan merupakan salah satu pilihan mobil keluarga cuma hanya memiliki 2 baris tempat duduk, sepertinya ini menjadi kurang lapang. Pilihan bijak bagi pemilihan Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia adalah dari jenis minivan maupun SUV (sport utility vehicle) yang lebih menyerupai station wagon, demikian juga dari jenis multi-purpose vehicles (MPV maupun Large-MPV) atau multi-utility vehicles (MUV). Jenis-jenis ini memiliki 3 baris tempat duduk dengan konfigurasi 2-2-3, 2-3-2, atau 2-3-3, tapi tidak disarankan menjadi konfigurasi 3-3-3 karena area supir menjadi lebih sempit. Dengan konfigurasi tempat duduk seperti itu (kecuali yang 3-3-3) mobil keluarga akan lebih terasa nyaman, apalagi didukung dengan kemampuan bangku belakang yang bisa dilipat untuk penempatan barang keluarga.

Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia

Mobil keluarga lebih merujuk kepada mobil yang ideal dan nyaman bagi keluarga pergi berbelanja, pulang kampung, berlebaran, berlibur, mengunjungi tempat wisata, mengunjungi nenek/kakek, berkebun, memancing, atau sekedar mengantar anak-anak ke sekolah beramai-ramai. Dalam hal ini, mobil keluarga yang ideal dan terbaik adalah mobil yang fleksibel untuk berbagai tujuan (multi-purpose). Mobil keluarga ini, dengan pengertian tersebut, berarti bisa juga untuk dipakai pergi ke kantor, ketemu teman bisnis, bahkan bisa dijadikan mobil kantor (mobile-office) yaitu mobil yang dijadikan kantor bergerak.

Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia

Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik IndonesiaSalah satu yang sangat berkembang dan menjadi idaman bagi perorangan maupun keluarga di Indonesia dari merek Toyota. Bahkan Majalah Parents dan AAA (American Automobile Association) mengeluarkan semacam rekomendasi bagi Toyota Sienna. Di Indonesia Toyota Sienna lebih dikenal sebagai Toyota Kijang Innova, dengan demikian sangatlah cocok Toyota Kijang Innova menjadi Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia.
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Bengawan Solo : Solo Into The Estuary coursing

Into The Estuary coursing

Penetrate the boundaries of administrative areas

Solo like a blood vessel to the throb of human life surrounding Java. He is the cornerstone of hope for them, where they pray and release the tired, turn the kingdom in the outback, ancient life support, until the blowing of the present civilization. However, the longest river in Java is an additional function that is less elegant: the source of flooding and giant landfills!

Although many are concerned about the fate of Solo river now, it is believed that there was no visual documentation to describe the whole face of the water flow along approximately 540 miles and across the 12th district on the two provinces, Central Java and East Java.

Solo exploration of romance in the beginning of the source in the south continue to go downstream to the estuary in the north. Geological phenomenon has changed the end of the funnel water flow that comes from meeting and Kali Kali Muning Tenggar in the region's Wonogiri. "Dam" to reverse an ancient estuary to the north. Millions of years ago, the Indian Ocean in the South to the end of the patent that has the word origin of the Sala Village, then changed to the end of the journey and now disudet Madura Strait into the Java sea.

The story of ancient times still remain, though barely recognized by the next generation. Landscape on one of the beaches on the southern edge of the Indonesian Ocean of Yogyakarta Special Region may be able to tells the story. Two vertical limestone walls membentangi right side of the left coast has made a place called Beach Sadeng Wonogiri area is different than other places on the southern coast of Java Island. Andreas Maryoto, Kompas journalist who menyususri story of the Solo 2007 to observe and come back with a photographer Dwi menuturkannya Oblo. The distance between the walls of more than 100 meters. The two walls that reach heights of more than 30 yards to make it a magnificent basin. "Standing in the middle basin Sadeng Coast, I feel how small I am," wrote Andrew in his trip report.

Andreas admiration that has led some researchers to meet geology in the city of Yogyakarta. One of them, Helmy Murwanto, one of the researchers of geology at the University of National Development Veteran. Andrew got some information about the Solo Ancient. Helmy had long since been researching this area.

A number of satellite images have shown the flow Solo Ancient increasingly convinced that the river never existed. A geological heritage which could certainly have a lot of stories. The remaining artifacts and changes in river flow was never tired of waiting for scientific study until now. Much mystery has been solved. Appointment due to valley Giritontro Eurasian plate collision and had to stop the flow Indoaustralia Solo Ancient up to one million years ago. The researchers estimate that this incident happened since Wonosari raised limestone formations or to surface in the late Tertiary period and the flow of these rivers have water sources in the region Wonogiri. In 2000, UPN Veteran geological researchers conclude, Giritontro valley is the valley of the former large river basins. The valley was very deep and long cut Southern mountains. Former river valley is one of the Solo Ancient relics which flows southwards into the Indian Ocean.

The trail can be followed starting from the east side of Mount Umbrella Giriwoyo southwest, extending south along approximately 30 kilometers and ends at the Gulf Sadeng, Gunung Kidul Regency. Now, this bay has become a place of landing the fish.

Upstream of the Solo "modern" story also seems to leave the past. Fertile Tjahjono, Kompas journalist who led the expedition to tell the Solo 2007, they found some interesting petinggalan halfway down the source of the river flow which has a number of witnesses to the history of this period. We crossed the line Ngamban Village, District Pacitan, East Java to Hamlet Ngulang, Wonogiri District, Central Java, they have to go through different types of volcanic rocks and wood fossils are scattered in a river. Unusually large size of the stone, possibly for our homes.

Archaeologists from the University of Malang, Dwi Cahyono also suspect very probably never existed in ancient life that takes place by looking at geologic evidence. The existence of the caves as a home suspected of Homo erectus and a number of findings when he followed the Solo expedition in 2007 reinforce the notion.

Which form the walls on either side of the river flow has been eroding for a long time. The reason is the natural and human. The area around the river which is processed as a result of agricultural land erosion and stream sedimentation rates are high. Meanwhile, near the bridge that connects Pakem Wonogiri and Pacitan, a traditional sand mining activities is very easy to find.

Since the past, the Solo has indeed been attracting attention. This great river can we URLs as blood vessels in a living system. Forested area upstream section into the lungs which underpins this system. Not only evoke geological and biological life, the Solo has been blowing around the human civilization.

In more modern times, Gesang romanticism swept across the river that his favorite city: Solo. During World War II, when Japan occupied the archipelago, singer and songwriter was impressed by the elegance keroncong streams large and clear so that the birth of most of his work. Until now, the song's iconic river history.

Photographer Peter Latief got a story that during the process of creation of songs, Bengawan displays a handsome face. The period of the change seems to have changed it. Now, that handsome face has been torn. Clear water, then turned brown due to erosion and sedimentation, and then again changed colors: blackish. Ferry Fertile Tjahjono mebenarkan report that along in the year 2007.

Penyusuran river as it passes through the city of Solo on water displays are blackish or colorful, sometimes purple or reddish. Pollution because of the many textile factories or batik, tapioca, and leather factories, along the way to enter until after the city of Solo. Besides the pig farm is also dispose of its waste into the rivers. Although it is invisible from the color looks good polluted water and rotten smell, PDAM Solo continue to take water for drinking water materials. It looked at one of the purification installation in the District of PDAM Solo Jebres. According to Retno Rosariastuti from the University Eleven in March, the water passing through the Solo Solo City contained a lot of pollutants both from industry or agriculture, the chemical fertilizer. Of course, this is not yet qualify as water quality.

Across to the north face grew grim. The trees at the edge of the river-like "hanger" garbage. Plastic garbage seemed to hang in the trees, showing the great flood when the water was as tall as a tree. Mangalir garbage along the side of the rubber boat, we also varied, ranging from plastic bags, clothes, mats, mattresses, until the carcass like a dead chicken, cats, dogs and goats.

Near the end, typical of an estuary region deepened. Settlement of fishermen and their economic activities dominated the panorama around. Meanwhile, plants, mangroves and beach sand into a convenient stopping place for migrant birds coming from the continent of Australia. For researchers, migrant birds became the subject of research to understand the spread of bird flu. However, the photographer had Edy Purnomo told a lot of poaching going on Ujungpangkah. He worried that if the habitat is not protected, it will increasingly emphasize the flow of the Solo no longer makes it convenient for travelers and residents.

Sumber :
Bengawan Solo
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Butterflies Batik Canting

Butterflies Batik Canting

and the process of making batik canting
Canting is a tool used to move or take a special liquid used to make batik, Indonesian crafts. Canting or canthing with phonetic tʃanʈiŋ made of copper and bamboo / wood as a handle. Canting is used like a pen when we write the usual, various in size depending on the type of batik, which would be made. When used, the batik of Indonesia will take a "wax" called "night" which is in the frying pan into the "Nyamplung". Then canting appointed and "beak" blown a little to lower the temperature. Candles are still in the liquid state is then etched through the "beak" into batik cloth to form a painting upside down. The results from the canting wax carvings that will be free from actual batik colors so that the candle will not be subject to color if it has been through the coloring process.

Canting part consists of 3 parts:

1. Nyamplung; the storage of liquid night, made of copper.
2. Beak; affiliated with Nyamplung, is a hot night spot discharge when writing batik.
3. Receiver; grip canting, generally made of bamboo or wood.

and the process of making batik canting

"Night" or a wax or a candle or candlestick is a solid substance that is produced naturally from the process circuit endotermal dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons. Night / lilies are used for various purposes, can be used for fuel, used in the process of making batik and clothing industry and others. Candles are chemically belong to this class "lipids" (nonpolar aliphatic hydrocarbon groups and hydrophobicity). Wax soluble in nonpolar solvents, such as alcohol, ether or chloroform. The most important biological functions of these lipids to save energy, as a structural component of cell membranes and, as a signaling molecule. Most nights excretion obtained from plants, such as rosin or resin. In plants, the night was the result of secondary metabolism vessels issued by the resin. Animal Resources for the night comes from wasps and bees nest.

Batik is one way of making fabric. Besides batik can refer to two things. The first is the technique of coloring cloth using a portion of the night to prevent staining of the fabric. In the international literature, this technique is known as a wax-resist dyeing. The second notion is the fabric or clothing made with these techniques, including use of certain motifs that its uniqueness. Indonesian batik, as the overall engineering, technology, and development-related motives and culture, UNESCO has been designated as a Heritage for Humanity for the Oral and Intangible Cultural (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) since October 2, 2009.

The Legend of Malays in the literature of the 17th century, Sulalatus Salatin told Admiral Hang Nadim ordered by Sultan Mahmud to sail to India to get 140 pieces of litter with 40 kinds of flower patterns on each sheet. Unable to fulfill the order, he makes his own cloth-cloth. But unfortunately shipwrecked on his way home and only carry four pieces that make the emperor was disappointed. By some commentators, litter is interpreted as batik.

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Types of Cats

Types of Cats by RAS:
Mank / Rumpy
British Shorthair
Chinchilla longhair
Maine Coon
Maine Coon

Cats types based on the basic colors:
Black (black)
Chocolate (Brown)
Cinnamon (Brown Young)
Red (old Yellow)

Cats types based on gene regulator colors:
Telon or Calico
Bicolor (two-color paint or Tuxedo also called Jellicle cat)


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How to Check and Eliminate Broken Links - Advanced

After Checking / view / monitor using DeadLink.com broken link or other facilities, then the follow-up is to eliminate muzzle bint-hangusnya sehangus until charred broken links that have made our blog a bad value in the eyes, nose, mbah gugel hearts.

If his broken link in the blogroll or bloglist or place tukeran html-based links, delete aja yaaaa live links that interfere with deleting the html code (a href etc. ...), or delete from the list.

So much for dah ajaaaah

bilek eeeeeh cold again
ga mood again to make strange writings

more clearly if mo
can search in gugel with kiwot
"How to remove broken link"
"I remove dead links"
"I remove the link is dead"
"I remove the link sucks"
"How to remove the annoying links"
"How to remove the link inconsequential"
"How to remove the link be stupid"
etc, etc.

kiwot tuh kok ya so so inconsequential?

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Biometrical Finger Print and Dermatoglyphics Diagnostic Tools

Biometrical Finger Print and Dermatoglyphics of Diagnostic Tools


Posts serialized in self-knowledge through self diagnosis tools


Biometrical Finger Print and Diagnostic Tools Dermatoglyphics is the study of patterns of fingerprints and hand prints that can analyze a person's character. Similar predictions palms, but Dermatoglyphics towards more scientific approaches. And this has been a lot of writing in scientific journals, one of which is Milton Alter, MD, Ph.D. Search for "Dermatoglyphics Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool" published in the journal Medicine, January 1967 - Volume 46 - Issue 1 - page 35-56.

Milton Alter paper discusses about the Technics of Recording Dermatoglyphics, Classification of Dermatoglyphics, Disorder and Associated Clinical Dermatoglyphics, autosomal Aneuploidy, ABERRATION of Sex chromosomes, Single Gene Disorders, Genetic Disorders with Uncertain Transmission, exogenous Infuences, etc.

What is the best Dermatoglyphics?
http://www.wisegeek.com explained that:
Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of the patterns on the fingers and hands. People have been Studying Each other's Palms and Hands for Centuries and many cultures have a history of Believing That the features on the hands Can Provide Insights Into Someone's character or future, but dermatoglyphics takes a more scientific approach, looking for features Which are associated with certain disorders. A number of claims are made about dermatoglyphics, Some of Which are true, Some of Which are less so.

What Dermatoglyphics?
That explains http://www.wisegeek.com:
Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of the patterns on the fingers and hands. People have studied the hands and palms for centuries and many cultures have historically believed that the shape of the hand can provide knowledge about a person's character or his future, but dermatoglyphics take a more scientific approach, seeking formation associated with several disorders. Numerous claims have been made about dermatoglyphics, some true, some are less so true.

I'm not sure the relationship Fingerprint, Biometric and Dermatoglyphics. If seen from the breadth of science seems Biometrics is the parent science of Dermatoglyphics revealed further into the fingerprint. It can be seen from the definition of each term.

Biometric (Greek "bios" meaning life and "metron" meaning measure) is the study of automated methods for recognizing humans based on one or more parts of the human body or behavior from the man himself who has particularly unique. In a world of information technology, biometric technology that is relevant to be used to analyze the physical and human behavior for authentication / identification. For example in humans is by the physical introduction of fingerprint recognition, retina, iris, the pattern of the face, signature and typing as well as how to vote.

Fingerprint recognition or fingerprint authentication refers to the determination of the identification of every human being by using the patterns (patterns), The Arch particular, The Loop and The whorl pattern. These patterns combined with the formation of "minutiae" of the lines that make up fingerprint ridge endings, bifurcation, and short ridge (dot).

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NegeriAds.com Promotion Solutions Products On The Net

NegeriAds.com Promotion Solutions Products On The Net
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NegeriAds.com Promotion Solutions Products On The Net

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What information can be obtained from calculation of Fingerprint Analysis

What information can be obtained from analysis of fingerprint calculation is a sub title on the results of fingerprint analysis and hands on Attayaya conducted by a psychologist in Pekanbaru (baaaah very expensive), as well as connect the previous posting about Biometrical Finger Print and Dermatoglyphics of Diagnostic Tools.


Fingerprint structure consists of lines that can be classified into several sections. The lines on the fingerprint form a pattern called the Fingerprint Pattern (Fingerprint Pattern). Fingerprint patterns are genetically formed since the embryo in the womb at 13 weeks of age.

Establishment of fingerprint pattern was influenced by the work of the nervous system (neurons) into the brain. In the fingerprint patterns of these permanent, employment recorded neuron system of the brain functions, and its relation to the dominance of Brain Hemisphere, Celebrial lobes, and the Triune Brain.

Identification, classification and calculation of epidermal lines are expected to give an interpretation of psychology of motivation, personality and talent that is genetic.

Neural Systems: A Life of Blue-Print
Central nervous system functions to: receive, process, interpret, and stores sensory information that comes and also functions to send messages to muscles, glands and internal organs. The nervous system is composed by neurons in charge of sending information to, from and intra-central nervous system.

Motivation: A Runway
Based on the Theory of Evolution of the Brain (Triune Brain), the evolution of the brain is divided into 3 parts to which every human being. However, every human have a tendency to dominance motivation that vary according to which part of the brain more responsive. Parts of the brain:

Brain Stem (brain stem)
In this section, the brain responds in a framework of thinking that are simple, gradual and higher instincts. The foundation of motivation based on a belief system / faith in him.

Limbic system (limbic system)
In this section, the brain responds in a framework of thinking that relies on feeling and emotion. The foundation of motivation based on relationship and high adaptability to the environment.

Neo cortex
In this section, the brain responds in a framework of thinking that relies on rational thinking and existence itself. The foundation of motivation based on achieving specific goals (goals oriented) and awards.

Personality Based on the dominance of the Right Brain - Left Brain
Research about the right brain hemisphere and the left brain is olehRoger W. Sperry who discovered the existence of the right hemisphere and the left brain that control each process and work simultaneously and complement each other.

Personality Profile
In the graph decomposition of the personality profile, divided in several elements of the identification of personality:

* Dominant, is a way of self existence.
* Interpersonal, a good relationship with others.
* Steadyness, is the view of the establishment, and comfort.
* Conscientious, is the view of the precision and accuracy in action.

Fingerprint analysis results and hands on human based on several aspects such as :

* Personal Drive
* Basic Needs
* Character Traits
* Learning Style
* Thinking Style
* Working Style
* Potentials and Talents
* Pressure and Instability Condition

Early Identification Process:

* Both hands scanned fingerprints using a fingerprint scanning device.
* Both the palm of my hand marked using a pen on a node (I think) hand prints. There are three dots forming a triangle in each hand.
* Measured distance of each side.
* Measured large degree side of each point.
* Go home. Kok Lhoooo home. Yes've completed the identification and measurement. Calculations performed by psychologist and wait for the outcome 2 weeks.
* Pay, you pay dululah before going home.

Summary results of analysis and advice on Self Control of genetically :

* Power absorption of type information:
quick response, which relies on common understanding.

* Resources response type of action:
acted relatively slowly, carefully and cautiously.

* Strength dominant motivation:
feelings, emotions / mood, and the influence of environmental adaptation.

* The dominance of the dominant brain works:
left brain, the dominant structural work objectively.

* Character personality type:
tend to type the full calculations at the level of perfection.

* In association, the responses tend to:
introverts, in handling the problem is less open to others.

* In thinking, the responses tend to:
Objectively, rely heavily on rationality.

* In receiving the information, tend to:
more trust than the fact of mere opinion.

* In the action, the response tended to:
more planned and structured to act flexibly rather than unplanned.

* The dominant thinking style-type:
original, more logical and structural.

* Learning style-type:
Kinesthetic-logical learner (learning with hands-on).

* Position of work related to the field:
Decision Making.

* The dominant style of work:
Self-Employee, tend to work based on the expertise yourself.

* Power of the dominant intelligence on:
intellectual intelligence (intelligence).

* Field potential talent:
rational logic.


In principle, everyone can become what it wants and takes place-citakannya. This analysis is not a verdict, but rather just a reference potential genetic aspects.

BACA SELENGKAPNYA - What information can be obtained from calculation of Fingerprint Analysis

Process Childbirth (labor), facilitate childbirth Tips

Maternity process / delivery in childbirth until the baby is usually made uneasy panic for new parents who will undergo the process. Continue to consult with your doctor or midwife is the right step to find out the delivery process will be undertaken later.

Your doctor or midwife will explain in general the basis that normal infant birth process or any process of natural childbirth that consists of 4 stages of the process:

* The first stage, the process of childbirth with the initial phase, active and transition. In this phase occurred opening (dilate) the cervix to the brim.
* The second stage, the stage of birth until the baby out safely.
* The third stage, spending the placenta.
* The fourth stage, post-birth, namely the observation of the mother for an hour after the placenta came out.

Some of the events that will be experienced by pregnant women during labor is normal:

* Contractions
* The cervix is more wide open
* Encourage the baby according to the instructions your doctor / midwife
* Expenditure placenta

Tips ease childbirth:
Many elderly people give various suggestions such as,

* Drink VCO virgin coconut oil
* Swallowing raw chicken egg
* Drink the potion "grass fatimah"
* Drink the Black Seed

Somewhat different if the process of giving birth by cesarean section (caesarean / cesarean), sometimes also called a c-section (cs). A Cesarean childbirth (giving birth) with a surgically made incision in the abdomen with the mother (surgery) and uterus (histerotomi) to remove the baby. Cesarean sections are generally performed when the normal vaginal childbirth is not possible because the risk to other medical complications. A birth with surgical procedures are generally performed by a specialist team of doctors consisting of the womb, a child specialist, a specialist in anesthesia and midwives.

There is also a process of giving birth to a little "forced" by the term "vacuum" and "forceps". Delivery by using vacuum or a vacuum (negative-pressure vacuum extractor). This tool is a kind of "tools / additional energy" for mothers who give birth, when the force pushing the mother have started to weaken. Using forceps delivery is the delivery process by using tools from a spoon-shaped metal. This is very rarely done because it is more risky.

The new method is to give birth in a way "childbirth hypnosis / hypnosis" and the "birth in the water." Childbirth with hypnosis does not change the basic method of delivery, only delivery was aided by the way / relaxation techniques so that the mother did not feel pain. Almost similar to the delivery of water that will make the mother is more relaxed and the baby out without experiencing the traumatic transition and face gently, as gently as water.


This post is considering temen-temen in the office will undergo this process soon.
Yuuupp .... temen-temen office will conduct "pembrojolan child"
kok term hussssshhhh so inconsequential seeeh

Jiaaaaaaahhh ...
I changed professions so midwives neh

what's the difference with the obstetrician ophthalmologist?

BACA SELENGKAPNYA - Process Childbirth (labor), facilitate childbirth Tips

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Calon Bupati Inhu 2010 Yang Sah

Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU) Kabupaten Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) akhirnya menetapkan empat pasang calon bupati/wakil bupati yang akan bertarung di Pilkada Inhu Juni 2010 mendatang. Keputusan ini berdasarkan hasil pleno tertutup yang digelar KPU Inhu Rabu (31/3) pukul 13.00-15.00 WIB.

Rapat tersebut dipimpin Ketua KPU Inhu, Alfian Rahman, dan dihadiri Sekretaris Watno SSos, plus anggota KPU Ir Hendri A Saleh, Julpahri, Muhammmad Amin dan Yusran. Keempat pasangan calon bupati/wakil bupati itu adalah Ametrib Japraja-Zulfahmi Adrian, Mujtahid Thalib-Marjohan Yusuf, Tengku Razmara-Herawati dan Yopie Arianto-Harman Harmaini.

‘’Hasil penetapan pasangan calon pada pleno tertutup ini juga akan kami sampaikan kepada masing-masing calon hari ini (kemarin, red),’’ ungkap Ketua Pokja Pendataan dan Pemuktahiran KPU Inhu, Ir Heri A Saleh kepada Riau Pos usai rapat pleno tertutup di Kantor KPU Inhu.

Dikatakannya, semua calon dipastikan lolos tanpa ada catatan. Semua calon lolos secara terang dan dengan berkas yang lengkap. ‘’Keputusan kita ambil setelah semua berkas diteliti secara baik,’’ ujarnya.

Menurut jadwal, direncanakan KPU akan melakukan penetapan nomor urut calon pada 3 April mendatang. Penetapan ini akan dilakukan secara terbuka sehingga bisa diketahui nomor urut tiap peserta secara pasti. ‘’Untuk pengambilan nomor urut para calon nantinya dilakukan serentak tidak antre satu per satu, Jadi nomor diambil secara bersamaan, setelah sebelumnya diaduk oleh masing-masing pasangan calon,’’ jelasnya.

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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - Calon Bupati Inhu 2010 Yang Sah

Senin, 05 April 2010

Pembangunan Stadion PON Digesa

Waktu pelaksanaan Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON) XVIII pada 2012 tinggal kurang dari dua tahun lagi, persiapan Riau sebagai tuan rumah terus digesa. Salah satunya adalah pembangunan Stadion Utama PON XVIII 2012 yang berlokasi di Kampus Universitas Riau.

Pemerintah Provinsi menargetkan pada 2009, hanya 16 persen bangunan fisik tuntas. Nyata terget mampu dilampaui bahkan, infrastruktur bangunan menjadi tempat pembukaan PON tersebut sudah mencapai 21 persen. Hal ini berdasarkan kunjungan Banggar DPR RI ke lapangan. Berikut laporan Harian Riau Pos.

‘’Ini merupakan percepatan yang sangat baik. Dan saya yakin, sebelum pelaksanaan atau tepat pada waktunya pembangunan stadion utama ini akan tuntas. Tapi tetap perlu kita perhatikan anggarannya,’’ terang Gubernur Riau HM Rusli Zainal kepada Riau Pos Rabu (31/3) di sela kunjungan tersebut.

Sementara itu, terget serapan anggaran pada 2009 juga meningkat, dari Rp116 miliar menjadi Rp214 miliar. Adapun bangunan yang saat ini sudah mulai terlihat bentuk fisik dan rangkanya adalah tiang pancang, tribun utara dan selatan serta pembangunan parkir setra pengerasan jalan akses masuk ke lokasi.

Sementara itu Gubri optimis hingga akhir 2010, pembangunan Stadion bisa mencapi 65 persen. Sementara anggaran yang diserap hingga akhir tahun ini setidaknya mencapai Rp558 miliar.

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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - Pembangunan Stadion PON Digesa