Minggu, 11 April 2010

After Checking / view / monitor using DeadLink.com broken link or other facilities, then the follow-up is to eliminate muzzle bint-hangusnya sehangus until charred broken links that have made our blog a bad value in the eyes, nose, mbah gugel hearts.

If his broken link in the blogroll or bloglist or place tukeran html-based links, delete aja yaaaa live links that interfere with deleting the html code (a href etc. ...), or delete from the list.

So much for dah ajaaaah

bilek eeeeeh cold again
ga mood again to make strange writings

more clearly if mo
can search in gugel with kiwot
"How to remove broken link"
"I remove dead links"
"I remove the link is dead"
"I remove the link sucks"
"How to remove the annoying links"
"How to remove the link inconsequential"
"How to remove the link be stupid"
etc, etc.

kiwot tuh kok ya so so inconsequential?