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Bengawan Solo : Solo Into The Estuary coursing

Into The Estuary coursing

Penetrate the boundaries of administrative areas

Solo like a blood vessel to the throb of human life surrounding Java. He is the cornerstone of hope for them, where they pray and release the tired, turn the kingdom in the outback, ancient life support, until the blowing of the present civilization. However, the longest river in Java is an additional function that is less elegant: the source of flooding and giant landfills!

Although many are concerned about the fate of Solo river now, it is believed that there was no visual documentation to describe the whole face of the water flow along approximately 540 miles and across the 12th district on the two provinces, Central Java and East Java.

Solo exploration of romance in the beginning of the source in the south continue to go downstream to the estuary in the north. Geological phenomenon has changed the end of the funnel water flow that comes from meeting and Kali Kali Muning Tenggar in the region's Wonogiri. "Dam" to reverse an ancient estuary to the north. Millions of years ago, the Indian Ocean in the South to the end of the patent that has the word origin of the Sala Village, then changed to the end of the journey and now disudet Madura Strait into the Java sea.

The story of ancient times still remain, though barely recognized by the next generation. Landscape on one of the beaches on the southern edge of the Indonesian Ocean of Yogyakarta Special Region may be able to tells the story. Two vertical limestone walls membentangi right side of the left coast has made a place called Beach Sadeng Wonogiri area is different than other places on the southern coast of Java Island. Andreas Maryoto, Kompas journalist who menyususri story of the Solo 2007 to observe and come back with a photographer Dwi menuturkannya Oblo. The distance between the walls of more than 100 meters. The two walls that reach heights of more than 30 yards to make it a magnificent basin. "Standing in the middle basin Sadeng Coast, I feel how small I am," wrote Andrew in his trip report.

Andreas admiration that has led some researchers to meet geology in the city of Yogyakarta. One of them, Helmy Murwanto, one of the researchers of geology at the University of National Development Veteran. Andrew got some information about the Solo Ancient. Helmy had long since been researching this area.

A number of satellite images have shown the flow Solo Ancient increasingly convinced that the river never existed. A geological heritage which could certainly have a lot of stories. The remaining artifacts and changes in river flow was never tired of waiting for scientific study until now. Much mystery has been solved. Appointment due to valley Giritontro Eurasian plate collision and had to stop the flow Indoaustralia Solo Ancient up to one million years ago. The researchers estimate that this incident happened since Wonosari raised limestone formations or to surface in the late Tertiary period and the flow of these rivers have water sources in the region Wonogiri. In 2000, UPN Veteran geological researchers conclude, Giritontro valley is the valley of the former large river basins. The valley was very deep and long cut Southern mountains. Former river valley is one of the Solo Ancient relics which flows southwards into the Indian Ocean.

The trail can be followed starting from the east side of Mount Umbrella Giriwoyo southwest, extending south along approximately 30 kilometers and ends at the Gulf Sadeng, Gunung Kidul Regency. Now, this bay has become a place of landing the fish.

Upstream of the Solo "modern" story also seems to leave the past. Fertile Tjahjono, Kompas journalist who led the expedition to tell the Solo 2007, they found some interesting petinggalan halfway down the source of the river flow which has a number of witnesses to the history of this period. We crossed the line Ngamban Village, District Pacitan, East Java to Hamlet Ngulang, Wonogiri District, Central Java, they have to go through different types of volcanic rocks and wood fossils are scattered in a river. Unusually large size of the stone, possibly for our homes.

Archaeologists from the University of Malang, Dwi Cahyono also suspect very probably never existed in ancient life that takes place by looking at geologic evidence. The existence of the caves as a home suspected of Homo erectus and a number of findings when he followed the Solo expedition in 2007 reinforce the notion.

Which form the walls on either side of the river flow has been eroding for a long time. The reason is the natural and human. The area around the river which is processed as a result of agricultural land erosion and stream sedimentation rates are high. Meanwhile, near the bridge that connects Pakem Wonogiri and Pacitan, a traditional sand mining activities is very easy to find.

Since the past, the Solo has indeed been attracting attention. This great river can we URLs as blood vessels in a living system. Forested area upstream section into the lungs which underpins this system. Not only evoke geological and biological life, the Solo has been blowing around the human civilization.

In more modern times, Gesang romanticism swept across the river that his favorite city: Solo. During World War II, when Japan occupied the archipelago, singer and songwriter was impressed by the elegance keroncong streams large and clear so that the birth of most of his work. Until now, the song's iconic river history.

Photographer Peter Latief got a story that during the process of creation of songs, Bengawan displays a handsome face. The period of the change seems to have changed it. Now, that handsome face has been torn. Clear water, then turned brown due to erosion and sedimentation, and then again changed colors: blackish. Ferry Fertile Tjahjono mebenarkan report that along in the year 2007.

Penyusuran river as it passes through the city of Solo on water displays are blackish or colorful, sometimes purple or reddish. Pollution because of the many textile factories or batik, tapioca, and leather factories, along the way to enter until after the city of Solo. Besides the pig farm is also dispose of its waste into the rivers. Although it is invisible from the color looks good polluted water and rotten smell, PDAM Solo continue to take water for drinking water materials. It looked at one of the purification installation in the District of PDAM Solo Jebres. According to Retno Rosariastuti from the University Eleven in March, the water passing through the Solo Solo City contained a lot of pollutants both from industry or agriculture, the chemical fertilizer. Of course, this is not yet qualify as water quality.

Across to the north face grew grim. The trees at the edge of the river-like "hanger" garbage. Plastic garbage seemed to hang in the trees, showing the great flood when the water was as tall as a tree. Mangalir garbage along the side of the rubber boat, we also varied, ranging from plastic bags, clothes, mats, mattresses, until the carcass like a dead chicken, cats, dogs and goats.

Near the end, typical of an estuary region deepened. Settlement of fishermen and their economic activities dominated the panorama around. Meanwhile, plants, mangroves and beach sand into a convenient stopping place for migrant birds coming from the continent of Australia. For researchers, migrant birds became the subject of research to understand the spread of bird flu. However, the photographer had Edy Purnomo told a lot of poaching going on Ujungpangkah. He worried that if the habitat is not protected, it will increasingly emphasize the flow of the Solo no longer makes it convenient for travelers and residents.

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