Selasa, 13 April 2010

Butterflies Batik Canting

and the process of making batik canting
Canting is a tool used to move or take a special liquid used to make batik, Indonesian crafts. Canting or canthing with phonetic tʃanʈiŋ made of copper and bamboo / wood as a handle. Canting is used like a pen when we write the usual, various in size depending on the type of batik, which would be made. When used, the batik of Indonesia will take a "wax" called "night" which is in the frying pan into the "Nyamplung". Then canting appointed and "beak" blown a little to lower the temperature. Candles are still in the liquid state is then etched through the "beak" into batik cloth to form a painting upside down. The results from the canting wax carvings that will be free from actual batik colors so that the candle will not be subject to color if it has been through the coloring process.

Canting part consists of 3 parts:

1. Nyamplung; the storage of liquid night, made of copper.
2. Beak; affiliated with Nyamplung, is a hot night spot discharge when writing batik.
3. Receiver; grip canting, generally made of bamboo or wood.

and the process of making batik canting

"Night" or a wax or a candle or candlestick is a solid substance that is produced naturally from the process circuit endotermal dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons. Night / lilies are used for various purposes, can be used for fuel, used in the process of making batik and clothing industry and others. Candles are chemically belong to this class "lipids" (nonpolar aliphatic hydrocarbon groups and hydrophobicity). Wax soluble in nonpolar solvents, such as alcohol, ether or chloroform. The most important biological functions of these lipids to save energy, as a structural component of cell membranes and, as a signaling molecule. Most nights excretion obtained from plants, such as rosin or resin. In plants, the night was the result of secondary metabolism vessels issued by the resin. Animal Resources for the night comes from wasps and bees nest.

Batik is one way of making fabric. Besides batik can refer to two things. The first is the technique of coloring cloth using a portion of the night to prevent staining of the fabric. In the international literature, this technique is known as a wax-resist dyeing. The second notion is the fabric or clothing made with these techniques, including use of certain motifs that its uniqueness. Indonesian batik, as the overall engineering, technology, and development-related motives and culture, UNESCO has been designated as a Heritage for Humanity for the Oral and Intangible Cultural (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) since October 2, 2009.

The Legend of Malays in the literature of the 17th century, Sulalatus Salatin told Admiral Hang Nadim ordered by Sultan Mahmud to sail to India to get 140 pieces of litter with 40 kinds of flower patterns on each sheet. Unable to fulfill the order, he makes his own cloth-cloth. But unfortunately shipwrecked on his way home and only carry four pieces that make the emperor was disappointed. By some commentators, litter is interpreted as batik.